Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stay The Road to The National Anthem of STRAYA 

There is a wind running through the mind, running through reality 

In this edition we set it against STRAYA 

Stay The Road (poem) 

What was there in the wind
Which wrestles with what was
Some song returning long ago
Just over a nearby hill
Stay the road to tomorrow
Stay the road so familiar
Stay the road of our fathers
Stay the road like the others
Yet yonder yearns the wind
Yielding youthful yesterdays
Another childish memory
Hiding somewhere past the hill
Stay the road of promises
Stay the road with helping hands
Stay the road to every plan
Stay the road so many paved
Still sweetly sings the wind
Serenade sent soothing searching soul
To stray away for a time
And join the secret beyond hill
So he left the road he traveled
To follow fancies flowing in the wind
And world of wonders waiting over hill
A life he never really knew
Still as the sunset sank upon a man
Still splendors set surprises all around
Still another wind another hill
Still he sits to sing a seasoned song
Stay the road

To go with this piece a tone of calmness: Grieg "Lonely Wanderer" 


Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to slow film down while shooting so one could see his moves. This is according to Bruce Lee himself. In addition to this, The Guardian news tells us, "The super staid 'Advance Australia Fair' has always struggled to connect with the larrikin and energetic nation it is meant to represent" (Australia). According to The Guardian, the nation has reluctantly stuck with its national anthem as it causes no small embarrassment each time the Wallabies face off and muddle their way through the song’s high notes. In answer to the nation's dilemma comes Melbourne producer Terry Mann. 
Terry Mann's offering may be a bit "cheeky" but it does capture a bit of Australia. "National Anthem of STRAYA (to the tune of Hey Ya)" 
(I like "Waltzing Matilda" better) 

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