Monday, January 12, 2015

The Cold Winter to Why chihuahuas don't run on the snow 

Within the cold of winter there may be some reminders 

Some may be dark and foreboding - some may be unexpected 

The Cold Winter (poem) 

I can’t recall a winter quite so cold
Or silence which was buried by the snow
My memory of things is hard to hold
The flame which offered warmth has lost its glow
The wind has taken summer far away
The flowers from those moments all have died
The window to my future frozen gray
The exit for some reason was denied
The sun which kissed spring’s morning wanders past
In search of fragrance dancing mid the air
A special time which ever meant to last
And when it wakes again will it be there
I can’t recall when winter bore such frost
Than when eyes opened to a world I lost

You were probably expecting "that classical song by Vivaldi": Antonio Vivaldi "The Four Seasons, Winter - I. Allegro non molto"

Don't blink 

The name of the Taco Bell dog is Gidget, but this doesn't help to explain why chihuahuas have trouble in the snow. With snow covering most of this country and there being so many pooch lovers, it is small wonder this video has sprouted to once again go viral. Although it is rather short (so don't blink), this video, shot in Italy, teaches a very valuable lesson. It is important to note: No nonhuman animal was hurt in this scientific study.
So are you ready? Is your mouth clear of all substances? "Why chihuahuas don't run on the snow?"

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