Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ticking Ticking Ticking to America Start Your Engines 

Time - short or long, it is what it is 

All that is really important is: when our time comes, we are satisfied how we used it 

Ticking Ticking Ticking (poem) 

The time it was a ticking ticking ticking
It’s hands were now heard clicking clicking clicking
For man in bed
No tears to shed
He smiled instead
Removed from dread
A life had he
Each memory
A dream set free
For all to see
And to this truth he’s sticking sticking sticking
He made his name
A thing of fame
As people came
His thoughts to claim
And at them they are pricking pricking pricking
And as his time was ticking ticking ticking
In love he fell
We know her well
He rode Joy’s swell
Though heaven’s hell
He knew his heart was tricking tricking tricking
He’s now alone
Left on his own
A life atone
To his Unknown
This candlelight is flicking flicking flicking
Now children play
Another day
‘cause people say
He passed this way
When time it was a ticking

Let's spice this up with The Rolling Stones "Time Waits for No One" 


It is accepted that 90% of all species that have become extinct have been birds. With that useless fact put to bed, No one can say Nick Offerman doesn't know how to use his time. Nick Offerman is a successful actor, writer, humorist, and highly acclaimed carpenter. He is widely known for his breakout role as Ron Swanson in the acclaimed NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. A happy family man, Nick is also a bit of a musician and a big NASCAR fan. What a life! NBC found out about this individual, this life, and chose them to roll out NBC Sports' NASCAR season. In the humorous ad, Nick laments the current state of our country, before offering NASCAR as an antidote. 
Well, watch for yourself: "America Start Your Engines: NASCAR on NBC featuring Nick Offerman" 

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