Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wind Whisper to Gazillion Bubble Show 

What is it in a lover's wind that has fired an imagination 

Maybe if we captured it an answer will be revealed 

Wind Whisper (poem) 

The wind returns returns a whispered wish
My heart now burns it yearns a lovers’ gift
In dreams it churns and learns to sweetly drift
And no concerns or spurns can cause a swish
Soft wind recall recall a whispered hope
My soul and all enthrall for one of these
To put a stall to squall perhaps to ease
This mindless sprawl which fall on this to cope
The sun and stars and moon all seem to stall
For moment which a dream and whisper yearn
Event once more returning for its call
Confounding hidden longings which now burn
Sweet wind return return to whisper this
My lips now yearn they burn for lover’s kiss

What could be better; Airflow "Whispering Wind" 


Charlie Chaplin, the famous silent movie star, once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. Who? What? Don't worry about it. Now Ana Yang, here is different story. Ana and her husband, Fan, were originally from Vietnam, but now reside in Canada. For over 20 years, she has amazed audiences around the world by stretching laws of physics and imagination. Ana mixes art with science to create bubbles of every imaginable size, shape and hue. Ana has 3 children, Jano, Deni and Melody, all grown and in the bubble show business. Ana and her husband hold several Guinness world bubble records. The Yang family's performance is in such high demand that the family is forced to separate to bring their magic to the growing fans.What does Ana use to make her bubbles? 
For now enjoy the magic: "Ana Yang Gazillion Bubble Show" 

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