Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Lesson In Time to Fried Gnocchi 

A mystery plagues a lover as another mystery plagues a chef 

One finds its roots in time's decay the other in laughter 

A Lesson In Time (decaying poem) 

She came to me within a dream last night
So real it’s her now flowing in my sight
Without a word such meaning came to light
A lifetime did each heartbeat reignite

So tenderly she took my hand 
I didn’t want to understand
How time can burst what lovers planned
My mind still blinded by its sand

It was so rough with me
Instead of what might be  
It rained in misery
Was I who still can’t see

For as I cry
My dream stood by
I wondered why
I didn’t try

And this 
A kiss 
Of bliss 


To go with this decaying poem I've selected Focus Instrumental "I'm Just Your Problem" by Rebecca Sugar 


Potato chips were invented by a chef in Louisiana in 1865. No, it wasn't Steven Ziegler. But Steve is back to teach us how (not) to fry gnocchi. Steve (believe it or not) is a chef and product specialist at WEBstaurantStore of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. WEBstaurantStore is the leading online restaurant supply and equipment dealer. 4 years ago, Steve made a video for WEBstaurantStore and, for some reason, posted it on YouTube. There it laid forgotten, Forgotten until today. I guess the world had a wild craving for gnocchi. There are a number of questions (besides how to fry gnocchi) attaching themselves to this hilarious video: What resparked it and why does it only have just over 1.2 million views when it got over 600,000 (or possibly more) in less than a day.
Plus, we still don't know how to fry gnocchi. "Fried Gnocchi"

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