Saturday, February 7, 2015

Another Dream to I Don't Know 

Love, adventure, mystery, the unknown unfold 

One in a heart and hope the other in insanity and laughter 

Another Dream (poem) 

Another dream another night
And everything just felt so right
Two lovers lavished In the light
With lasting wishes in their sight
Could this be what stardust is for
Young hearts are lost as spirits sore
Enchantment holds a waiting door
With ways of wonder to explore
Another kiss would start the night
A spark to make their passions soar
As they passed through forbidden door
For somehow they had lost their sight
Could this be what regret is for
To bear affair which wasn’t right
A shadow hidden from the light
A sorrow no one should explore
Now with his true love in his sight
Forever she would be his light
But never more would be so right
Another dream another night

Lost? Perhaps this might help: Chris Isaak "Can't Do A Thing To Stop Me" 


In 1989, Spy Magazine sent checks for 13 cents to some of the richest and most famous people to see who would cash them. The only two to do so were Donald Trump and an international arms dealer. Even more ridiculous is "I Don't Know", a hilarious video going viral, written and directed by Thomas Ridgewell (aka TomSka). Thomas Ridgewell is an up and coming British film and video creator based in London and an University of Lincoln graduate. In 2014 he was nominated for 5 Screenchart Channel Awards. In this video, made for Comedy Central UK, Thomas sends a spy to infiltrate a poker game, in quest of a necklace. She is to obtain the necklace by any means possible. There only one problem. 
Did I say only one problem... "I Don't Know" 

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