Monday, February 2, 2015

Catch The Wind to Middle Seat and $1,000,000.00 

The winds of time and life brush us all 

What will happen as one journey ends and another begins 

Catch The Wind (poem) 

How can I catch the wind once more
Which flows beyond my darkened door
To fill the streets were once we’d soar
I’m not the one I was before
I didn’t sit here wondering
How can I catch the wind once more
So confident who they were for
Another day another fling
I paid no heed to rains that came
Which flows beyond my darkened door
Whose shadows laughed as troubles pour
There was a dawn the sun would claim
Each day I woke up to the test
To fill the streets were once we’d soar
But my old age began to roar
Would all my dreams become a jest
A query winds of time would face
I’m not the one I was before
I taught another to explore
Whose trust in me now takes my place

To take him to his next step here's Yanni "Whispers in the Dark" 


Arch West invented the crunchy, triangular tortilla chips known as Doritos. Speaking of Doritos, Frito Lay (a subsidiary of PepsiCo), maker of Doritos, ran a contest: who can create the best Doritos ad for the 2015 Super Bowl. There were nearly 4,900 contestants who participated. 10 finalists were selected, flown to the Super Bowl and hosted by PepsiCo. 8 of which collected $25,000 each. Fans voted for the grand prize winner. Canadian Graham Talbot won the second place prize of $50,000 for his spot, "When Pigs Fly". Scott Zabielski and his ad, "Middle Seat", took first place and $1,000,000.00. Scott, who is featured in his ad, lives in Los Angeles. He is a director and executive producer of Tosh.O on Comedy Central. Scott estimates he spent $2,000.00 to rent out the set, pay the actors and crew and other expenses to create his ad. 
Congratulations Scott Zabielski "Middle Seat - Doritos Super Bowl 2015 Commercial" 

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