Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cold Silence to Dr Phil with no dialogue 

What was the silence that entered a room, that resolved a dilemma,

that is shaded in darkness, that is seasoned in ridiculousness 

Cold Silence (Martin verse)

Cold silence was the answer it would take
When memories of summer made heart ache
And all tomorrow’s hopes began to shake
For from a dream alas I must awake
The streams of magic moment flowed so right
Rich realms beyond the sunset were in sight
And all tomorrow’s hope appeared so bright
For all which was danced in our glowing light
The splendors of each instance we would take
To stars which held our heavens there in sight
The streets which felt our footsteps all turned bright
And never was existence this awake
But darkness fell upon a world so right
Its breathing told how emptiness could ache
The solid love we shared began to shake
And with the slamming door extinguished light
Now here I lie to fates not yet awake
Within this pool I feel my body shake
The wounds from knife no longer do they ache
Cold silence was the answer it would take

To heighten the mystery of this verse here's Jerry Goldsmith's "Chinatown" 

"Martin Verse" is a form of poetry I developed in 2010. If you would like more information leave a comment. 

That said 

Dr Phil was discovered by Oprah. That is this edition's useless fact. But Dr. Phil (Dr. Phillip Calvin McGraw) debuted on the Oprah Winfrey show in 1990 and got his own show in 2002. From  Vinita, Oklahoma, he attended the University of Tulsa and transferred to Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. Dr. Phil earned a M.A. degree in experimental psychology in 1976, and his Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology in 1979 at the University of North Texas. Now if you're not a Dr. Phil fan this was just some more useless facts. In this viral video, which is a compilation from an actual show, a couple with a problem come to Dr. Phil. All the dialog was removed. Strangely, even with all the words removed, the problem seemed addressed, worked through and resolved.  Were all the words, of the actual program, just useless facts? 
Watch and if you have a laugh or two, that is not an useless fact. "Dr Phil with no dialogue, just reactions..." 

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