Friday, February 6, 2015

I’ll Wait to Friends Furever 

A dark love tale leads to strange and adorable friendships 

An edition bent from shadows to light 

I’ll Wait (poem) 

I’ll wait beside this soft streetlight of hope
Which through the darkness promises a way
A small reminder of another day
This limit to the vastness heart must cope
I’ll wait the mornings through the sun and rain
And through temptations happening along
Which try my resolution with their song
A wonder beyond reason to explain
I know I am a victim of mere chance
But life has found a toy to play its game
I wonder does another feel the same
When something more was spoken in a glance
I’ll wait through all her horrors yelling grim
Until my loved one finally leaves him

For your approval, an interesting band and video:  Thurisaz "Endless" 


By recycling just 1 soda can, it saves enough energy to watch TV with a friend for about 3 hours! I snuck "with a friend" into that (not so) useless fact to lead into an adorable commercial by Google Android which reminds all of us that we can “Be together. Not the Same.” The unusual pairings throughout the video compilation by Android seem to go against the laws of nature, or is it something else. To further draw us to the realm of "Is It Truly So", Google Android even went nostalgic and hired vocalist Rodney Miller, of Disney’s 1973 classic "Robin Hood" fame to perform the same song that had Robin Hood (a fox) and Little John (a bear) traipsing through the forest as the best of friends. Why is Google Android doing
Well, for now, just enjoy the dream. "Android: Friends Furever"

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