Friday, February 20, 2015

Lovers In Time to Why moms get nothing done 

Two riddles in time 

One the timelessness of lovers - The other the timeless Joy of cuteness 

Lovers In Time (free form poem) 

Striding abiding with nothing to say
Time ever ticking just chipping away
Hiding misguiding its shadows mid morn
Just one more etching of worry is torn
Sitting and waiting holding you tight
Dreams of another melting with sunset
Joining the soft winds of all we have done
Searching for seasons which brought us here
Chiding dividing those moments so real
Changing the hard facts to mild mists of feel
Riding subsiding reasons for tears
Passing of heartbeats and passing of years
Still we are sitting with stars in our sight
Gazing at moments which have not passed yet
We have seen magic dancing in the sun
Splendor were seasons which brought us near
For the next kiss

And while we're waiting, enjoy Mike Murray "Downtime" 

Then there's 

"Obsession" for some reason is the most popular boat name. But don't obsess over that. Meet Esther Anderson and her daughter Ella. Esther is a Tampa, Florida mom who runs a website called "Story of This Life". She has also become a popular YouTuber. I think her popularity is not based so much on her advise and insights as a mother, but rather that we should enjoy this precious time. In Esther's most recent video she shares cute examples of why it seems moms get nothing done. There is another question being raised in this timeless video. Is nothing really being done...
Or are loving memories being made? "Why moms get NOTHING DONE"

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  1. hmm...i'm a working mother of 6, dividing my time of work and love for my kids, i never failed them in my ways, as they never failed me in their little they are all married and gone to stay,but for me it was like yesterday...the memories were a golden treasure to reminisce now that i'm fading away...

    1. you share my sentiments, Arlene and I shared in caring for our children's care. thank you for stopping by.