Friday, February 27, 2015

Moments Refreshing to Uptown Funk "Oldtown Cover" 

Is it really possible to relive those precious moments 

A group of (not too) senior citizens think so 

Moments Refreshing (free form poem) 

Moments refreshing
Kisses from a past
Could it really be so
To dance in the dreams
Of stars yet to be
Moments refreshing
Held ever after
Of people now changed
Reminders of hope
In wonders begun
Moments refreshing
Every new season
Heartbeats of blessings
Lingering laughter
Were darkness should be
And there in the starlight
Are the echoes of footsteps
Whispers scenting the wind
He’s coming he’s coming
As excited memories
Rush to their windows
Of once more used to be
He’s coming he’s coming
Moments refreshing
The reason for tears
Which calls them return
To share in the Joy
Which caused this refrain

To go with this mood: Vargo "The Moment" 


If you take your age and multiply it by 7, then multiply by 1,443 the product repeats your age 3 times. For those of you who tried this, wasn't that amazing? So amazing that maybe there is a possibility to replay those precious moments. These senior citizens seem to think so, as they do their version (and very impressive) of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk", The video was made by and stars London, England born singer Alex Boye. Boyle is (by far) the youngest member of the cast, whose youngest member is 62. Boyle is proud to assert all members of his cast performed their own stunts. And as they danced, moments were refreshed. 
The video is the epitome of an old school makeover. "Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk "Oldtown Cover" ft. Alex Boye', & The Dancing Grannies" 

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