Monday, February 16, 2015

Remember The Days to Celebrity Jeopardy 

Two young lovers are brought back by a memory 

As a memory is celebrated by those who meet again to laugh 

Remember The Days (repeating verse) 

Remember the days when kisses did flow
Two carefree lovers once put on a show
We were so happy and what did we know
Just hold this dream tight and never let go
Our love took us to the day we were wed
Remember the days when kisses did flow
As we set our plans for future ahead
And worries of day were cast from our bed
As we grew familiar we lost our light
The tiniest ember would start a fight
Remember the days when kisses did flow
For lovers like these now blind in the night
Now age restored glances of long ago
As memory’s winds were welcome to blow
The look in our eyes says I love you so
Remember the days when kisses did flow

Since memories are the theme of this edition. here's Andy Williams "Try To Remember" 

Then there's 

Here is a conundrum: Humans tend to remember useless facts far more than important ones. You can forget that if you want or if you can. But right now, it is hard to forget Saturday Night  Live. On Sunday, SNL celebrated its 40th anniversary. With a record breaking 23.1 million viewers it is hard to escape, even today, this piece of history on the news and social media. I can remember when SNL first aired. I was still going to college. My wife to be and I had just moved into our love nest. We didn't have the funds to go out dancing every Saturday. We did have a cozy blanket and Saturday Night Live. 
One of our favorite routines was Celebrity Jeopardy. "Celebrity Jeopardy - SNL 40th Anniversary Special" 

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