Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Seasons Of Her Smile to Stages Of An Office Romance 

Follow as the seasons unfold in a lover's smile 

Then watch as a love unfolds at an office 

Seasons Of Her Smile (Italian sonnet) 

She smiled at me the promises of spring
The blossoming of love which thrilled the air
As flowers kissed young hearts to hear them sing
Time wanders for the wonders playing there
The summer brings the warmth out from her smile
The sun the fun and time to take it slow
Well scented shade draws kisses for this while
A special time for memories to grow
The autumn’s smile well seasoned with the past
We danced away the day now into night
The moon the stars all sparkle this will last
As flowers passing rains on our delight
The winter blows its cold cross yesterday
And yet she wears warm hope within her grin
Each kiss now calls us to another day
Her smile a promise spring will soon begin

When one thinks of the seasons, chances are the first tune might be Antonio Vivaldi "Spring" (first movement)

Then there's 

“Booby trap” spelled backward is “party boob.” You might have figured this useless fact out yourself, but few scientist know exactly why we fall in love. Luckily for us, BuzzFeed has found a couple, who have just started at a new job, so we can observe and take some notes for ourselves.  BuzzFeed does take a few liberties: The couple look about the same age. They work right next to each other. There doesn't seem to be that much interference from other people. They are both ( I assume) single. I don't know about you, but this happened to me all of the time (NOT). 
Are you ready to take notes and learn something? "Stages Of An Office Romance" 
(Did you learn anything? Me either.) 

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