Friday, February 13, 2015

Some Sunny Day to Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About 

Even President Obama dreams of sunny days 

A verse, an insight into one person's sunny day dream 

Some Sunny Day (lyrical poem) 

Problems sore
Tensions roar
Troubles pour
Past the door
So unsure
What it’s for
Is there more
Senses tore
But then out of some sunny day
Calling me back from far away
Sweeter than any words can say
There is a song to ease my dismay
So inane
Molten rain
bringing pain
Through each vein
Harsh refrain
Can’t explain
Source of strain
So insane
But then from some soft sunny day
The scent of the bright morning’s dew
The promise of everything new
A hope that this heaven will stay
A kiss meets a moment more true
A meadow where dreams dance and play
A garden where satin has sway
A realm where those worries few
So insane
So unsure
So much more
To maintain
But then on a day which was you
There woke a dream filled with you
And all that there is flows from you
My reason to live I love you

Let's drift off to the sunny day of  Tommy Emmanuel "Angelina" 


Many don;t know this, but President George Washington loved to play marbles. It was one of his escapes (or sunny days). Speaking of sunny days and presidents, BuzzFeed has gotten President Barack Obama to share with us some of his hidden escapes. In the BuzzFeed produced video President Obama  practices delivering his pitch about signing up for healthcare in a mirror, poses in Joe Biden’s shades, gets out the selfie stick, shoots some invisible hoops and more surprising stuff  (sunshine). According to The Guardian, "If it all seems too involuted, circular or self-referential to you, you may not be in the demographic the White House hopes to target with its latest Obamacare enrollment drive." I missed all of that. 
I just saw a man finding a sunny day. "Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About" 

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