Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Springtime’s Tree to Truth About Meeting Women 

A lover reflects on a tree where memories were made 

While another reflects on never meant to be 

Springtime’s Tree (changing verse) 

In springtime there once stood a tree
Where we made a fond memory
Romance sang a sweet melody
Which we two would answer with glee
And there every moment would be
All thoughts of all else were set free
We left it for time to explain
Why lovers would romp endlessly
With age we remembered our tree
As we met the sun and the rain
And more ties that bind we would gain
Ahead was a light we could see
But time plotted end to our spree
With mirrors of pointless distain
Hoping youth in our hearts to drain
And leave it for us to explain
A springtime will always remain
Just listen and hear its refrain
Though romance’s melody wane
As stars of forever sustain
Two leaves which came floating from tree

To further the mood, I've selected Yiruma "Spring Time" 

Then there's 

The original title of the famous Broadway musical “Hello Dolly!” was “Dolly: A Damned Exasperating Woman.” Obviously this musical was written by a man. This is not my opinion, but Paul Gale's. To give the "no-sayers" an out, Paul Gale is a comedian, filmmaker, and YouTuber. He was featured on USA Today, as well as NBC’s The TODAY Show, though. Paul gives us his insight as to what goes on in the male mind before he meets a girl. Is he painting us some truth? 
Ask me after we stop laughing. "The Truth About Meeting Women" 
("Hello Dolly" was written by Jerry Herman and a book by Michael Stewart.) 

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