Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Terror’s Affair to Every 90's Commercial Ever 

There are terrors ahead as the tittle would imply 

Consider this your warning or you might end up laughing

Terror’s Affair (poem) 

From terror’s deep sea
It comes back for me
The fog in the air 
Gives proof it is there
Its reason set free
To lash out at me
And on my despair
It feeds without care
Oh what destiny
Has brought it to me
What sin did I bare
To open its snare
In darkness I flee
With it upon me
No rest from affair
Is found anywhere
At each misery
It’s waiting for me
It’s claws to add flare
In screams which we share
Toward infinity
Of madness in me
Its teeth form a lair
In shadows I bear
What sorrows now spree
This wind over me
No words can compare
As pain shows its glare
Dark’s dawn sets us free
From purpose of we
Toward unknown to stare
With shroud we now wear 

How about some spooky music: Karl Jenkins "Dies Irae" 

You have been warned 

When Thomas Edison died in 1941, it is rumored that Henry Ford captured his last dying breath in a bottle. If you believe that, you probably believe the commercials of the 90's were all fact filled. Speaking of 90's commercials, it is rumored a Sunny-D like product, called Liquid Slam, was about to be presented to the "Nickelodeon generation". The ad, and product line, was mysteriously pulled almost immediately. YouTuber Freddie Wong, of the Rocket Jump channel, has done his best to unravel the dark secret Liquid Slam was (and perhaps still is) trying to hide.
Here is what Freddie Wong found: "Every 90's Commercial Ever"
(Wong, whose work has brought millions of subscribers and more than a billion views to the Rocket Jump channel, is just one of this video’s executive producers. It was directed by Video Game High School co-creator Dez Dolly and written by Matt Arnold; Will Campos and Dez Dolly.)

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  1. Hi Martin, scary but beautiful. I'll be bookmarking for later,I'll be back. I hope you're well, you and your beautiful poetry have been missed on HP.
    Kindest regards

    1. Thank you so much Josephine. This means so much to me.