Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Hero to Baby Don't Join The Army 

A youth grows into a lost hero facing his destiny 

As women face a humorous "reality" 

The Hero (changing verse) 

A rhyme of a youth we once knew
Who enjoyed unique points of view
He dreamt of a world which was new
Which blossomed in his special hue
As he aged his wonderment grew
He displayed his talents so true
To shadows which he couldn’t see
His visions for me and for you
Soon to his side volunteers flew
But with them flowed dark destiny
His actions were no longer free
He pondered just what would he do
It seemed one more victim he’ll be
To world of mediocrity
To age another victory
This hero of ours is he through
But there through the darkest of night
Dawns fresh new expressions of light
Yet oddly familiar this sight
This stranger who bears hero’s fight

What song would be better with this verse: Mariah Carey "Hero" 

Laugh time 

The placement of a donkey's eyes in its head enables it to see all four feet at all times. Unbelievable but totally useless fact for most people. Talk about unbelievable, get a load of these women's faces as their men volunteer for the army, one the spot. Just another moment for Just For Laughs Gags. What the ladies don't know is their men are in on the gag, The looks on these faces! Words are yet to be discovered to explain the unbelievable expressions you are about to witness.
What I wonder is: Did Just For Laughs Gags pay for the "I'm sorry dear" dinners which the men would assuredly be facing. "Baby Don't Join The Army! - Throwback Thursday"

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