Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Lonely Dream to London Brawling 

While one man searches some comfort in a dream of endlessness 

Another meets the mishaps of his day in the streets of London  

The Lonely Dream (round) 

I had a dream and nobody was there
No gentle smiles or hopeful eyes to please
No broken hearts or worried minds to ease
A strange new peace was floating in the air
And as my soul was captured in some breeze
No heavy cares or hopeful stares to see
No shallow lives or promised lies to free
The flowers bloom without a scent of these
Then something shook this shadow that was me
No need to fill or thirst to quell in sight
No hand to hold or world gone dim to light
Was this the grave to claim my memory
And as I dreamed came whisper it’s all right
Could this be song a rainbow had to share
Could this be spring the fount of loving pair
And as I dreamed now someone held me tight

To help us through this round: Enya "The Memory Of Trees" 


The Queen of England's official residence, Buckingham Palace, was built in 1702. Some say, on the site of a notorious brothel. Some say this rumor was spread at some tea party. I would ask Freddie Wong, of RocketJump, to check on this, as he is vacationing in London. But it seems, from this video, he has his hands full. As most non-Londoners know, London is crawling with spies. It was Freddie's misfortune to bump into some spies, while filming a video about bumping into spies. Now why would Freddie be filming a video while he is on vacation, some may wonder. I don't know. I would ask Freddie... 
But it seems he has his hands full. "London Brawling" 
(Note: No spies were hurt or injured in the making of this video.) 

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