Tuesday, February 17, 2015

To The Wild Wind to Sexy Mascot 

As a lover encounters the Wild Wind 

A wild wind of a sexy mascot toys with the minds of passers by 

To The Wild Wind (English sonnet) 

What do I call this wild wind in my mind
A love or just a fleeting fantasy
Should I enjoy a dream or should I see
To what might be would truth be more refined
Do I love lady or what seems to be
Could kiss her touch her mood there be as kind
And would this something grow or set resigned
What is this wild wind she has loosed through me
And if I dare to find out what is real
Would desire see decline or change in theme
And if I dare to tell her how I feel
Would she remain the source of wonder’s gleam
And if I dare to wild wind heart reveal
Would I be happy with my chosen dream

You may have heard this song before. Here's Nina Simone's version: "Wild Is The Wind" 


Rabbits are natural runners and can reach speeds of up to 30 to 40 mph. Rabbits - winds: confused? Let me explain. I was perusing for today's viral video. Did you know what is popular on YouTube depends on which country's YouTube you are viewing? Well, guess what the folks in Australia are laughing at. Yes, SNL's 40th anniversary, but what else? If you guessed "Just For Laughs Gags", you're right. Now, I don't care how wild those winds are, a rabbit costume gets hot. So you wear as few extra clothes while wearing one. (I know because I was a shopping mall Easter Bunny for 2 years.) This is a fact these passers by may have counted on when a beautiful young lady asked them to help unzip her costume. The prank might have stopped there, but "Just For Laughs Gags" takes it one step further. 
Thank you to my friends down under. "Sexy Mascot" 

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