Saturday, February 14, 2015

Will You Still Dance With Me to Valentine's Instant Dance 

A relationship centered on a dance shared by lovers  

As two go into the night to share magic with strangers 

Will You Still Dance With Me (repeating verse) 

When veils of sunset are sprinkled with stars
And scent in the air this moment is ours
When wonders of time brings us to this night
I reach out my hand to my destiny
Will you still dance with me
Remember the times when passions were tossed
Feelings so new made us helpless and lost
Then youth was our day so endless its sight
Yet longing in heart to question would flee
Will you still dance with me
Together we grew such things we would learn
Adventure would greet us at every turn
As each breath of life brought one more delight
And far above all was this fantasy
Will you still dance with me
And as we moved on with children were blessed
Oh we made mistakes but we did our best
In the dark and the cold we cuddled tight
Each challenge was met with one golden key
Will you still dance with me
Then as we grew old what wonders we met
Life’s river it seemed still flowed through us yet
A world gone asleep was ours to ignite
And they played our music hoping to see
Will you still dance with me
Here in this sunset those moment are though
What is to express how much I miss you
I drift through seas our time still incite
And when time comes my question will be
Will you still dance with me

This video, and music, goes perfect with this verse: Carlos Libedinsky "Otra Luna" with dancers Santiago Hernandez & Isabelle Rune


The Cha-Cha originated in Cuba and is considered by some as the easiest partner dance to learn. On the theme of dancing, have you ever danced outside, under the stars? There is nothing quite like it. Stuart Edge, his friend Kathleen and crew take the whole thing one step further. Stuart is a "classy prankster", magician, movie maker, and YouTuber. To celebrate the magic of Valentines, Stuart and company took to the streets of Provo, Utah to dance with complete strangers. Whether Stuart had a good idea, got lucky or just the magic of the night, there is a warmth in this video. 
Enjoy " Valentine's Instant Date Dance" 

(And enjoy the Dance) 

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