Sunday, March 1, 2015

Far Beyond to Drunk People Pranks 

An exploration of a "dream" 

Then drunk people challenge the reality of a sober world

Far Beyond (free form poem) 

I had a dream one sultry summer’s night
The stardust cast a trail to light my way
A gentle stream was there to guide my flight
To place some purpose to meaning of day
And there far beyond all purpose for time
Awoke a freedom which laid dormant for a while
A whisper of how possibilities can be
Beyond the limits
Of imprisoned souls
Who had fallen by the wayside
Crying Don’t leave me here
Far beyond all purpose for music to dance
Or any limits on creation
We are the music
We are the smile on other dreamers’ faces
The reason for warm embraces
We are an extension of The Light
Crying Don’t leave me here
And there far beyond we fly
Marveling at the all we made possible
Listening to voices
Who have glided to a wayside
To drink the waters of a stream
Of something we mislaid amid our day
It’s just a dream I heard somebody say
On the following day I saw my love
We sat mid our stardust our cares to dismiss
I wanted to share what I had dreamed of
As she closed her eyes preparing to kiss
And there far beyond all purpose for time

Introducing to those unfamiliar: Necro "I Have A Dream"  

Then there's 

It is rumored the Pilgrims made the decision to stop at Plymouth Rock because they were running low on supplies, particularly alcohol. I wonder if Just For Laughs Gags knew this when they put together their hilarious collection of drunk people pranks. Regardless, one of our favorite Quebec based pranksters takes us as well as unwary passers-by on wild trip through "what is real". From the highly inebriated helicopter pilot to the best way to check an alcohol testing device, you have to watch the expressions of the sober people. 
Dreams + reality = laughs "Drunk People Pranks - Best of Just For Laughs Pranks:" 

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