Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Darkness Of Night to Dark Lord Funk 

The cold bitter night takes control of this one 

As the Lord of Funk challenges us not to laugh 

Darkness Of Night (poem) 

Darkness of night
Absence of light
Fear to ignite
From unknown blight
Just out of sight
Cruel bitter night
Cause of this flight
Callous delight
Toys with my heart
Challenges might
Merciless night
Source of this fright
No sense of right
Controlling my mind
Is this your delight
Conscienceless night
Draws me in night
Filled with your night
Madness incite
Fed by this night
Cold callous night
Your appetite
Fed without fight
Person I was
Lost to your smite
I and the night
Now share one plight
One senseless slight
Mid our unknown
Final Respite

Before the frightening laughs, let's hieghten the mood with this video and Nox Arcana "Lullaby" 

Are you ready 

Have you ever heard of Hogsmeade? Hogsmeade is a wizardry town, in Harry Potter, where third year students of Hogswarts could go at certain times throughout the school year. This video is not shot in Hogsmeade, rather in South Fork Park, Provo Canyon, American Fork Amphitheater and Ray's Barbershop in Utah Valley. This isn't Dark Lord Voldemort or Bruno Mars, but rather Elijah Thomas dressed like Voldemort. This is a parody of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk", created by KFaceTV and this is really Elijah Thomas singing. It isn't clear if this is supposed to be frightening or funny. 
But over 1.6 million viewers so far have stopped by to behold "Dark Lord Funk - Harry Potter Parody of 'Uptown Funk'" 

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