Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dreamer Of Not to Bubble Artist's Skills Will Blow You Away 

While one deals with a magic lost 

Another demonstrates that magic still exists 

Dreamer Of Not (poem - with a free floating message) 

Dreamer of not
Things we forgot
Melting in rot
Exit now sought
We toss and turn
Emotions churn
I can’t believe it
As questions burn
Happiness crossed
Reasoning lost
Is this really happening
Heart bears the cost
No rest at all
From painful fall
Someone please tell me
As shadows call
Sorrow’s dismay
Lead us astray
This isn’t true
Rainbows turn grey
We never knew
How bleak the view
It’s only a dream
Emptiness drew
Answering tears
Laden with fears
She isn’t really gone
Flavored by years
So in this pain
Doomed to remain
With this refrain
Lost to explain

To go with this poem a touch of the classics and a wonderful video: Charles Ives "The Unanswered Question"

Then there's 

The levitation illusion, performed by many magicians, is believed to have been first performed in Greek dramas as early as 431 B.C.  蘇仲太 (Su, Chung Tai) isn't a magician, but he is known as the "Bubble Arts Master". This Taiwanese artist's power over bubbles is magical. He hold two Guinness world records for his mastery. 蘇仲太 does use a secret formula, known only to him, to make his bubbles and it took two days to produce this video, and no tricks were used, yet the result is magical. 蘇仲太 and his team does perform his magic in front of live audiences in places like Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Macao. 
Is there magic? "This Bubble Artist's Amazing Bubble Skills Will Blow You Away!" 

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