Friday, March 13, 2015

Morning Blooming to Wake up to Eggs with Bacon 

A lover awakens to his morning and purpose for the day 

While a woman enjoys something quite different with her eggs 

Morning Blooming (Martin verse) 

Behold the morning blooming in the sun
Another day of blessings has begun
I drift away on wonders to be spun
Within a dream my thoughts of you have won
The scent of hope floats freely everywhere
As music of your voice excites the air
I’m taken to a realm so free of care
Just knowing that my love is waiting there
And what a vision kisses glowing sun
Which grants the Joy of living to the air
To show with each new heartbeat how I care
While strolling through the splendors we have won
A veil of doubt surrounds my everywhere
Am I asleep or has a day begun
Tis so unreal what fantasies have spun
Just ask the moment is it really there
But then I wonder what more have I won
When toward my ever after I have spun
And feel each second here with you begun
Behold the morning blooming in the sun

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Buddha Bar and their version of "Mon Amour" 


It is believed that bacon started in China around 1500 BC, but for this one woman Bacon took on a whole new meaning one morning while she was preparing her eggs. The Bacon I am referring to, and completed this woman's breakfast, is actor Kevin Bacon. Kevin says he has endured a lifetime of puns about his name, so now he has decided to turn that past into fun in a "Waking Up to Eggs with Bacon" campaign, on behalf of the American Egg Board. It is rumored that Kevin is a real lover of eggs, hence it was only natural the campaign's theme should be, "Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon, Kevin Bacon." Besides selling the benefits of eggs, this ad is highly suggestive. 
So we have Bacon pushing eggs with a touch of sex, what could be better? "Wake up to Eggs with Bacon" 

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