Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Path Of Once More to James Corden's Golden Ticket 

While one unfolds a tale of an endless and meaningless path 

TV host James Corden unfolds a humorous tale of his success 

Path Of Once More (round) 

I am lost in ever and a day
Bridges crossed but signs were torn away
Forced to wander path I do not know
Filled with flowers of my own dismay
Ahead I feel the sense of darkness grow
Yet some river has me in its flow
There to meet the meaning of my night
Reasons which were planted long ago
Purposeless now has me in its sight
Breeding on confusion of my plight
Hiding window which might set me free
From this cell whose sands now hold me tight
I recall a moment’s destiny
Someone seemed to whisper love to me
From a dream a nightmare bore a child
Though some window nothing came to be
Insanity in flames there went wild
Madness just stood with stranger and smiled
Horror of fog a I sought friendly shore
Drifting with guilt of what had compiled
All that had passed in traces before
Existence had goals one would reach for
Not like this soul forever must stray
With my conscience on path of once more

To go with this round I've chosen Schiller mit Heppner "Dream Of You" 


A male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth as far as seven miles away. What this has to do with James Corden, I'm not exactly sure. James Corden, for those who don't know, is an British actor, comedian, singer, writer, producer, and television host. He is currently the host of CBS's Late Late Show, which boasts almost 1.5 million regular viewers. Many of his fans wonder how he landed this job. Rather than simply telling them, James Corden, with the help of some impressive friends, made this video recounting the entire events, as they transpired, 
Some may say, what this has to do with reality. "James Corden's Golden Ticket" 

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