Thursday, March 19, 2015

Realms Of Dreams to Lie Witness News - President Obama 

A lover has his excuse for a new flavor of reality 

But what changes the realities of some caught off guard 

Realms Of Dreams (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Billowing meadows scents enchanted air
Glimmering flowers mark a promised way
Unfolding secrets wonders hints to share
Frolicking wishes of another day
These streams which grant refreshment to the soul
These themes of every pleasure ever known
Such dreams reach out to take one in control
Pure gleams of ever after to be shown
No star in heaven casts more lucid glow
No word yet spoken makes itself so clear
Than scents within those meadows’ precious flow
Than memories a soul will long revere
And never will I leave those endless skies
The realms of dreams I treasure in your eyes

Presenting for your approval Rachel Lloyd "Magic In Your Eyes" 

Then there's 

New research has discovered that as people age, they tend to remember more irrelevant information. Nope, that doesn't help to explain what's going on in this video. Here's what is going on: Jimmy Kimmel sent his news team to gather the "average" person-on-the-street's opinion on the latest news about President Obama. Here's the problem: The news is completely made up. Yet for some reason, the minds of these people make the problem into a new reality. 
Funny or an insight? "Lie Witness News - President Obama Edition" 

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