Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sands Take Me Back to "Ew!" with Ariana Grande 

One deals with the passage of time unreal 

As two frolic back in time with hilarity unreal 

Sands Take Me Back (free form poem) 

Settling sands take me back take me back
Across the winds calling calling
Stardust adrift
Over soft passages
Of must be a dream
But wait
Here are the flowers
The blossoms of the unreal
Still scenting the heartbeats
Which had touched that ever never
Did it really happen
Sparkling sands it is me it is me
Patently listening listening
As moments return
Living in the pages
Of some fantasy
A kiss
Still bears the feelings
Which etched the meadows
Of lovers’ imaginations
Strolling bridge surreal so true
Does it matter after all
Close your eyes I’m waiting waiting
Wishes set on fire
A forest returned from their ashes
Can’t you see tears falling falling
Sprinkled with Joy and sorrow
The flavors of the seasons
Here I am here I am treasured time
Your seas of sands were blessings blessings
Each precious grain
Staged splendors
Slipping somewhere far away
But wait

To go with this poem here's Cut Copy "Sands of Time"

To two 

Strange as it may seem, lemons have more sugar than oranges. Ask anyone, but these two. These two are Sara (Jimmy Fallon) and her/his new friend Alexa (who looks like and is Ariana Grande). These two have other, much more important, things on their minds. The two bond over handshakes and shamrock shakes, faced off in a hilarious sing-off, and enlightened us with what’s cool and what’s “EW!” Now say what you like about Ariana, in this sketch she is real funny. 
Watch, laugh and see for yourself "'Ew!' with Ariana Grande" 

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