Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sherri to If Guys Flirted Like Girls 

Imagine a dream so beautiful she could toy with reality 

Then imagine guys flirting like girls 

Sherri (Italian sonnet) 

Come sit by me and listen for awhile
And I will warm your heart with my Sherri
A dream perhaps a walking fantasy
A treasure sent from an exotic isle
Sherri a blessing floating on the breeze
Sherri who hold the secret to all bliss
My promised hope there lingers in one kiss
Sherri whose motion sets a soul at ease
And on and on he went of his Sherri
This stranger who had asked me by his side
His fairy tale on me he did apply
His dream Sherri defied all sense to be
Then as he spoke to something I was drawn
Toward a vision that defied reality
I brushed my eyes to check their clarity
My sight returned to find the man had gone

For the next two and a half minutes let's enjoy a great song: Charles Aznavour "She" 


According to a United Kingdom study, women are better at parking a car than men. Some men insist this study was run by women. While some woman say, "No it was not." Meanwhile, we have these guys (I won't mention their names) who thought it would be funny to make a video about guys flirting like girls. The reason I don't want to mention their names is because there may be some girls who, after laughing or parking their cars, might seek out their revenge on these guys. With that said, the rest of us guys may safely laugh, knowing these guys will pay the penalty for our laughter. 
"Why are you laughing at this video?", the young lady in our life may ask. 
"I'm imagining how the women in these guys' lives are going to get even" .we answer. Then we add, "Did you know, women are better at parking a car than men." 
With that said... "If Guys Flirted Like Girls" 

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