Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sorrow’s Flower to Card Flourishes (Cardistry) 

A tale of man a flower a town a feeling 

Then the wonder the magic the thrill of artistry 

Sorrow’s Flower (Italian sonnet) 

A flower in its desert setting grew
The sun and sand and time its only friends
And here the pages of its Joy extends
Until the path of stranger happened through
Was something to its beauty made him soar
Its splendor was the dawn of hidden tears
A sadness he had buried all these years
And with each teardrop came one blossom more
The stranger shared with others what he saw
Whose tears to beauty made a river flow
Whose richness made the seeds of flower grow
As more and more were captured in this awe
Such beauty we should wear upon our crown
Each window doorway fountain should it grace
Forget all others flower will replace
And that’s how sorrow grew into their town

Speaking of flowers here's Carlos Santana "Flor d'Luna" 

From flowers to cards 

Some interesting, but useless, facts about a deck of cards. There are 385 spots, 52 cards, 12 face cards and 4 suits. Now think about a year (days, weeks, months and seasons). If you aren't blown away by that, this video should push you over. Virtuoso brings back the extreme cardistry of Huron Low, Kevin Ho and Daren Yeow. Though it seems unbelievable, Virtuoso points out that though high-speed cameras were used, for effect, all the card maneuvers were products of the cardists' mastery. As proof of their claims, they offer free lessons (you provide the time and practice).
But for now enjoy "Card Flourishes (Cardistry) - Virtuoso : Air Time feat. the SS15 Virtuoso Deck"

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