Monday, March 30, 2015

Strange Change to March Madness Target Cart Basketball 

While a man reflects on his strange change 

A woman deals with her strange change 

Strange Change (progressive/regressive poem) 

The change
Put over me
I woke up one day
To a whole new display
Gazing from my mirror there
Bewilderment there filled our stare
Was this the same person that we knew
The marvel which our wonder once danced to
Sitting here with all that we’ve been through
Moments mere words find hard to share
Heartbeats awaken their flare
Coming to this array
Silence guides our way
Until we see
So strange

You probably guessed the song I would choose to go with this poem. Michael Jackson 
"Man in the Mirror" 

And this 

As of 2014, a regulation basketball used in NBA play is inflated to an air pressure between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds of pressure per square inch. Many March Madness freaks don't know this. March Madness is the time of the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, generally throughout the month of March. Which brings us to Ashley. Her boyfriend took her shopping. There is only one major problem. It is the end of March and Ashley's boyfriend is not your average basketball fan. He is a basketball freak. 
Now, what could the problem be in that? "MARCH MADNESS TARGET CART BASKETBALL!!" 

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