Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Strange Dance to Super Hero Soccer 

From a lovers' strange dance of wonders 

To an even stranger game of soccer 

Strange Dance (lyrical poem) 

Come take my hand and dream with me
We’ll drift upon the what could be
The blind will say what did we see
When they touch our reality
We’ll build our world to something new
Were everything says I love you
And all of those who touch our view
Will wander wonders we made true
Strange dance we share
Strange trance we bare
It starts when you are near
A song your voice I hear
And there at once my all is right
Where there was dark you are my light
Come take my hand what dreams we’ll free
What fantasies will we waltz through
They who marvel at what we do
To turn a pond into a sea
Strange dance we share
Strange trance we air
Where reasons disappear
No doubt to interfere
What we can do with trust in sight
What wondrous flames can we ignite
Come take my hand and dream with me
In love we’ll shape eternity
For those so lost and lack our glee
We’ll be a hopeful memory
Strange dance

Let's take our lover in our arms to the music of Gotan Project "Whatever Lola Wants" 


According to legend the London Football Association made the first set of rules for soccer in the year 1863. I wonder if they took into account that one day this grand sport would be played by superheroes. If you’ve never really gotten into soccer, it may be due to the sport's disappointing lack of optic blasts, lightsabers and magic spells. Luckily for you, Ronnie Street Stunts has remedied all that. Ronnie is Ronnie Shalvis, a stunt artist quickly making a name for himself. Besides making YouTube videos featuring his dangerous and awesome stunts, Ronnie is sought out to perform his amazing talent for commercials and films. Now Ronnie and his teem bring together a disparate group of heroes for a no-holds, or amazement, barred soccer match. 
Even today... even without the costumes...Ronnie and his teem are superheroes. " SUPER HERO SOCCER" 

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