Monday, March 9, 2015

That Night to "Sugar" Parody 

Which horror is more terrifying 

The mystery of That Night or the wake of the wedding crashers 

That Night (poem) 

The light
That night
A fright
Took flight
The sight
A knife
My plight
So trite
My life
Once bright
Its might
Did end
That night
Not right
Its plight
To rend
From sight
Held tight
To dust
Life’s rite
For lust
A blight
To right
And spite
That night
This fright
Took flight

To try to add some substance to madness unknown - Nox Arcana "Nocturne" 

Be warned 

It is rumored the horror writer Stephen King sleeps with a nearby light on, to calm his fear of the dark. But it isn't the dark that is the source of the latest terror. Like it or not, Maroon 5's hit song "Sugar" is the major source of this. It is the fertile soil of many, many (ad infinitum) wedding crasher videos sweeping YouTube. Yet none is as violent, as shocking, as inappropriately funny as the one by Bart Baker and gang. Bart Baker has been making music parodies since 2006, but even he thinks his parody of "Sugar" presses the limits. Over 2,2 million viewers seem to agree. 
If you are planning a wedding soon, be warned of "Sugar" parodists. "Maroon 5 - 'Sugar' PARODY" 

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