Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Arms Of Love to 25 Bridesmaids Having A Bad Wedding 

A dream, a life, a love so perfect - But... 

Then there are the (comical) horror stories of these bridesmaids 

The Arms Of Love (mixed poem) 

There at the door of his dreams he awaited
Soon in the arms of his love he was fated
And the summer past
In plans of their future together
How happy these two
Such promise in view
As time went on
They were wed in the heaven they made
And honeymooned past never ending
These fairy tales come true
These hopes in other lovers’ hearts
As stars forever’s dreams imparts
In time a family
In a home created and built by love
The passing of sweat and tears
With someone who was always there to listen
With someone who was always there to help
With someone who was always there to
Know what we went through
Feel the way I do
Grant mornings’ renew
And moments went on
To see a couple enjoying the sunset
Basking in a life well spent
Memories hard to believe
Losing himself in the eyes of his dreams
Losing himself in beyond beyond
Losing himself in how much he loved her
The days he spent with her
Such Joy just to kiss her
And oh how he’d miss her
So he turned away
Leaving this paradises behind
There at the door of his dreams were he waited
Seeing the arms of the love he was fated

To highlight this mystery: Kaoru Wada "Affections Touching Across Time II" 

Before moving on, this poem was intentionally written with a questionable ending so that the reader may paint their own conclusions.

With that said 

It might be just a "wives tale", but according to Greek culture if a bride tucks a cube of sugar in her glove it will sweeten the couple's union. But what about the bridesmaids? Here is a hilarious (but I'm sure, not so funny at the moment) compilation of events captured of 25 bridesmaids. Now, some of you, with big events up ahead (after finishing laughing), may use this video as a warning of this to avoid. But, it has been my life's experience that what will happen will happen. 
So enjoy... "25 Bridesmaids Having A Way Worse Wedding Than You" 

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