Monday, March 2, 2015

The Bells to Worst Case Scenario: Tripping 

The bells of time and memories tear at a man's mind and heart 

Then to lighten the mood - What is the worse that could happen as a girl trips 

The Bells (sonnet) 

He sits and thinks of man he used to know
That met a girl who’d one day change his life
He promised her he’d never let her go
As time went by engaged her as his wife
The day was blessed by sound of wedding bells
When on a book he swore they’d never part
He still recalls the feelings and the swells
This love to whom he’d dedicate his heart
It’s still unclear when challenges began
With each regret came worse one than before
Heartaches and tears was not within their plan
So all they were was swept through open door
Funeral bells were mourning on that day
When he and layers signed a man away

Let's add a little more mood to this: Jose Feliciano "Cconcierto de Aranjuez" 


The Koh-i-Noor Diamond (Mountain of Light) has a mysterious past. It is believed to bring misfortune to any man who owns it. But I ask you this: What is the worst that could happen to a girl who trips on her own feet? To help us unravel this mystery BuzzFeed has rushed to our aid with this video. Thanks to the folks at BuzzFeed, who knows how many sleep better this night. knowing one more mystery is solved. Now, one may still wonder why this girl tripped on her own feet or why the Koh-i-Noor Diamond carries its curse. 
Mysteries for another day. "Worst Case Scenario: Tripping" 

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