Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Dancing Rain to Don't Ask About Professor Feathers 

There are some secrets that we are not meant to know 

And others that we are not meant to talk about 

The Dancing Rain (Italian sonnet) 

The dancing rain came strolling down the street
To freshen up the thoughts of yesterday
Another blessing spring has sent our way
To stir the dreams of times which were so sweet
We lavished wonder by an open fire
And told each other secrets of the heart
Surrender to the flames which soon would start
And lose ourselves in passion and desire
We turned the page to passion’s bitter rage
To argue and believe in reasons why
So hurtful were the knives that there would fly
Because of rain we dealt with tearful cage
Yet through it all we watched our seasons flow
And somehow love would keep us hand in hand
Some mystery we didn’t understand
Perhaps the dancing rain down street will know

To add some extra refreshment to this sonnet here's Cafe Del Mar "Walking in the Rain" 


Cockatoos are natural performers. They can dance, sing, and even do acrobatic tricks. However, they tend to learn manual tricks faster than words. Perhaps this has something to do with Will Ferrell's cockatoo, Professor Don Feathers and why Conan O'Brien was not supposed to talk about the bird. Will has been getting around in the news and on TV promoting his latest movie, with co-star Kevin Hart, "Get Hard". In this hilarious cut from "Conan", Conan and Will are supposed to talk about the new movie. But, for some reason, the subject took a laugh filled turn. 
The only problem Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart's new film, "Get Hard", has is: can it live up to this viral video."Don't Ask Will Ferrell About Professor Feathers - CONAN on TBS" 

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