Friday, March 6, 2015

The Shadow Of The Door to Magic Door Prank 

A bleak door holds a woman to blame for the end of a love 

While a magician uses a door to spark the reaction of innocent spectators  

The Shadow Of The Door (Italian sonnet) 

She never noticed shadow of the door
The emptiness its closure seemed to make
The dismal sound of heart about to break
He’s gone and left her crying on the floor
That shadow deep within her feelings toy
Through cutting pain to nothingness of night
Confusion is her only steady plight
Fond memories this bitterness destroy
She feels the shadow’s finger point to her
For surely it was she who was to blame
Forgiveness turned its back upon her shame
And she was doomed to live within this blur
But then she noticed truth of finger’s flow
A table sitting just beyond her gloom
There on it was a tiny light in bloom
A candle of her wishes long ago

Let's go Goth with this: Nox Arcana "Madeline's Lament" 


Theophilus Van Kannel is credited for inventing the revolving door, but MagicofRahat is credited for the magic of the "Magic Door Prank". MagicofRahat is actually Virginia Beach, Virginia's Rahat Hossain, a magician, YouTuber and prankster. He gained his notoriety with his "Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank," of January 9, 2013  In it he dresses up as a car seat and amazes workers at various fast food restaurants. Rahat has no problem sharing the secrets of the magic he performs with his audience. allowing us to focus on the reactions of those who are amazed by a moment. 
Hence, we become a part of Rahat's magic. "Magic Door Prank" 

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