Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Streets Of Yesterday to Night of Adam Sandler and Bob Barker 

A lady returns to the streets of yesterday 

As two "friends" bring back a yesterday unfinished 

The Streets Of Yesterday (English sonnet) 

That night she walked the streets of yesterday
The memories and dreams of long ago
The laughter of the friends she used to know
It seems that time has taken them away
And there was him the one whom she loved so
The one who taught her heart to dance astray
The reason for the music of her day
Another teardrop in life’s precious flow
This lady lived a life of dreams’ delight
And in sheer beauty all her past is drawn
Now Joy and pain are arms which hold her tight
What hope unknown awaits another dawn
Her family for breakfast she’d invite
When morning came they found the lady gone

Let's look at lire with Zucchero "Wonderful Life" 

Then there's 

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packer flipped a coin to see whose name would be first in the company title. Would that all disputes could be solved so simply. Take Adam Sandler and Bob Barker, for example. The two met on the set of Sandler's film "Happy Gilmore", where the two had a hilarious fight scene, which Bob Barker won. It has been a long time and the two are much older. It has been rumored the two still don't visit each other, holding to that moment. Bob finds himself in the hospital, so for Comedy Central and "Night of Too Many Stars", Adam is there by his side. Have the two "friends" settled their past? 
You decide. "Night of Too Many Stars - Adam Sandler and Bob Barker" 

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