Monday, March 23, 2015

The Summer Fields to OK Go's Red Star Macalline Mind Blower 

What is that song a lover hears across a summer field 

Another illusion cast by OK Go 

The Summer Fields (Italian sonnet) 

Across the summer fields is heard a voice
A song upon some lazy afternoon
It beckons something lost again rejoice
A dream so long forgot with shadows strewn
The first to greet this feeling is a tear
But then we stop to wonder why we cry
And as we do we’re taken by a fear
Which draws us back across those days gone by
Across these summer fields there is no light
Just days that follow days of misery
Illusion and false hope dance through this night
I see a world which has no room for me
Across this dark I sense familiar song
Maybe some starlight I can hold on to
Some right upon a world that’s gone so wrong
The song the voice the memory of you

If that sonnet did set you far off, then maybe Mariah and this video can.  Mariah Carey "Butterfly" 

Add a touch of 

The most used expression of any language is "OK". Maybe this has something to do with how the band OK Go got their name. Red Star Macalline is an international home furniture chain based in Shanghai, China. This company is expanding its business and as part of its expansion has come out with "The Writing's on the Wall" campaign. Maybe this has something to do with how the band OK Go was enlisted by Red Star Macalline for their latest mind blowing commercial. They also used the band's latest hit "I Won't Let You Down" to send out a message about the company and its products. Will they be successful as the mind bending illusions used in their commercial? 
Maybe this has something to do with how the band OK Go help spread the expression of "OK". 

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