Monday, March 16, 2015

Think Again to How To Beat A Monkey At Chess 

A lover leads his desire to his heart 

And if that isn't even - A Chess Lesson 

Think Again (lyrical poem) 

Now if you think I’m tired of you
Think again
And if you think there’s someone new
Think again
Or if you think one kiss will do
When every thought has you in view
And I feel things I never knew
Each heartbeat can’t believe it’s true
Think again
Think again
Now if you think I’d say goodbye
Think again
And if you think I’d make you cry
Think again
Or if you think one night goes by
When wishes wait for your reply
Which send my soul to heaven’s sky
And lose myself in your sweet sigh
Think again
Think again
Perhaps I’m being way too bold
To loose what hidden hopes should hold
But let’s use now this truth unfold
For who knows what our futures hold
Now if you think that this can’t be
Think again
And if you think someday I’ll flee
Think again
Or if you think what’s wrong with me
To fall in love so helplessly
That moments shared with you sets free
A priceless piece of memory
Think again
Let’s begin

Let's search back in time to the Gypsy Kings "Passion" 

And now 

The first time a computer beat a human top player at chess was on Feb 10, 1996. But a monkey, there's a different problem, especially if set to music. Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) and his "friends" are up to the challenge. This isn't any monkey. This is Crysal, the famed monkey star of Universal Studios. Along with her many movies, she has been on television many times along with magazines, photo-shoots and other things one would expect of a celebrity of her stature. Now Mark is an actor, comedian, voice-over artist, very successful YouTuber and pretty good at chess. He did move from Hawaii to Cincinnati, Ohio and landed in Los Angeles, so one (including the monkey) has to wonder. Nintendo and other video game companies, of which Mark is a noted champion,  say he is alright. 
Without further ado, on with the lesson, "How To Beat A Monkey At Chess: THE MUSICAL (feat. MatPat, The Completionist, Random Encounters)" 

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  1. I love your combination of poetry and nice music, this is truly a great site with the beautiful background and funny youtube videos.


    1. thank you so much for your kind remarks.
      the site is improved by fans.
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