Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Timeless Memory to Mime Through Time 

A lover follows a wind with his reason for it all 

Then three lovely ladies follow a wind of melodies to their present time 

Timeless Memory (poem) 

Recall the wind now far away
That brushed across the silver sand
To form a timeless memory
There by the ocean’s side
Tomorrow was another’s day
There seemed so much we had at hand
The world was formed for you and me
We floated on such pride
There every dream was at our sway
Another’s wish at our command
We marveled at such clarity
A rollercoaster ride
The winds of time did blow our way
So much once us they did disband
The sweetest songs of what can be
Was taken by the tide
Yet past those shadows of dismay
Amid so much which wasn’t planned
The moments lost to wind its fee
Our love has never died
Recall the wind now far away
That brushed across our life so grand
And left me with a memory
To whisper with my bride

To go with this poem I have selected for your pleasure: Andrea Bocelli 
"Mille Lune Mille Onde" 

Then there's 

The Beatles played the Las Vegas Convention Center in 1964 where some 8,500 fans paid $4.00 each for tickets. The three lovely ladies, known as SketchSHE, don't do any Beatles songs as they take us through time with some memorable melodies. They're back in their car again, this time with costumes, following their radio tunes from the forties till now, with a touch of humor. I wonder why. Could the success of their last car video, at over 18 million views, "Bohemian Carsody by SketchShe". (It is available here: http://mhatter99.blogspot.com/2015/03/upon-song-to-carsody-lover-is-lost-upon.html
We shall see (but this video is not X rated - hint, hint). "Mime Through Time by SketchSHE" 

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