Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Unspoken Words to Husky sings with baby 

First we fly away with the song of a lover's heart 

Then we fly away with a song of an unlikely pair 

Unspoken Words (English sonnet) 

Within the silence of unspoken word
Where realms beyond imagination born
Forevers in this timeless space is sworn
The precious hearts of lovers are now stirred
There in the glow of promises adorn
Where only soundless kissing souls is heard
And non-existence becomes something blurred
Beyond mere dreams is where they find their morn
Now passion’s play may enter and entice
To cause you from this temple high above
And frolic under rainbow of the day
Drift on fair lovers in your paradise
And find the meaning of an endless love
Where words unspoken have much more to say

If another song is stirred by this, please put in the comment section, meanwhile here' Vargo "Moments:"

Song no. 2 

The name "Husky" is suposed first recorded in 1852, for dogs kept by Inuit people. Now I, along with many, don't know if this useless fact is true. But even after seeing this video, I still am not sure if it is true. I found it on 3 different web sites highlighting resent viral videos. The video is of 10 month old Lexi singing with her Husky Angel. I thought the vtdeo was funny and adorable, so I wanted to share it here. I checked to see how many days the video was on YouTube. I shouldn't be surprised this video hadn't been up for days, but years. It turns out this video is making yet another resurgence. It seems that many can't it's true.
Do you? "Husky sings with baby"
(Original video was posted March 14, 2011)

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  1. Very nice, loved the music as well

    1. thank you for taking time to comment.
      I really appreciate it.