Saturday, March 28, 2015

Waits Along The Way to The Great Treat Robbery 

Have you ever held a dream in your sight 

Well this dog has - But... 

Waits Along The Way (lyrical poem) 

You ever walked along a stream
Every gleam
Fulfilling dream
You ever caught a flower’s scent
With it went
Your soul’s accent
You ever drifted mid the clouds
Earthly shrouds
Pure pleasure crowds
All of this and more
Waits along the way
For a heart to stray
On enchantment’s shore
All of this presides
Waits along the way
For a heart to play
Where soft pleasure guides
You ever held a fantasy
What can be
Surreal set free
You ever held a wish in sight
Timeless light
Delights ignite
All of this rich flow
Waits along the way
For a heart’s array
Ever comes to know
You ever see future steaming from pools
Crystal spools
Always now rules
Well I have

This is not the music for these words, but the video and music goes nicely with the idea: 
CafĂ© Latino "The Call" 

And now 

Fortune cookies were neither invented in China nor by the Chinese. They were introduced in 1914 by Makoto Hagiwara at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. It wasn't fortune cookies this dog named Pepper was after, but it was cookies. It would be his good fortune to get his paws on these tasty treats and it is quite imaginative and humorous the limits Pepper goes to in order to fulfill his dream. There is one obstacle this clever canine can't overcome. 
What perilous ponder pursues Pepper? "The Great Treat Robbery" 

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