Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Smile Was All to Operation: Save The Date 

One bride pays a price for wedding her dream 

While another bride sets her wedding memories quite different 

A Smile Was All (Martin verse) 

A smile was all which she had brought
To capture heart which she had sought
And to this all her soul was caught
And to this all was every thought
This dream come true her journey’s end
The one who would her journeys tend
To win his love her hopes ascend
To win his love and worlds transcend
Then to her smile his gaze was brought
For her attention he did tend
With his attention dreams ascend
Her Joy became his only thought
He vowed to love her till the end
And to this end her hand he sought
But to this end her fate was caught
Another dream she must transcend
For her to win his every thought
She made a deal and soul was caught
To every end which she had sought
A smile was all which she had brought

I don't know why, but I chose this song to go with this poem: The Rolling Stones 
"Sympathy For The Devil" 

From a tear to a smile 

Some believe diamonds were chosen for wedding rings not for their value, but their strength. It is believed lovers once used them to scribble their devotion on everything. Speaking of change, meet Kelly and Tyler. This couple just took wedding pictures to the next level with their YouTube video. The thugs, you will soon be introduced to, are actually the couple's wedding party. The entire scene was set in San Francisco and what you will witness was shot months ahead of the actual happy event. It will take a while for the wedding party to recover from the explosion. 
Let us wish Kelly and Tyler our warmest regards, as we enjoy "Operation: Save The Date" 

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