Monday, April 20, 2015

A Wind Returned to Return of Grindr 

A sweet wind returns to a romance that was always there 

A crazy wind returns of an affair that was never there 

A Wind Returned (Shakespearean sonnet) 

A wind which bore a scent of long ago
Returned again to play upon my heart
Salacious secrets wonders to impart
From fields where springs of dreams would freely flow
By trance enhanced I searched for source of flare
As from this while I drifted far away
I felt as time was leading me astray
When I saw beauty combing out her hair
How many years how many tears have passed
Since I was certain why I fell in love
I saw the wish which he was dreaming of
As in his springs again my soul is cast
The wind which scent of long ago once bore
It blew again to gently close the door

This sonnet calls for some romance: Ronan Keating "Make You Feel My Love" 

Hold on 

It is believed, when two lovers gaze at each others’ eyes that their heart rates synchronize. Let's trust this one, even if it isn't true. Love has little, if anything, to do with Kevin, who returns as Gaybriel to Panama City Beach, Florida for the 2015 Spring Break and to reunite with his Grindr friends. Confused yet? So are Kevin's, I mean Gaybriel's victims. The whole thing is a dangerous prank video as Kevin, I mean Gaybriel risk life and limb just to make us laugh (and maybe a couple million views). 
Why don't I reveil Kevin's last name? Watch the video. "Return of Grindr - Spring Break 2015" 

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