Monday, April 27, 2015

And If to Grandma Gets Arrested 

And if everything is stolen from a lover 

And if grandma is driving a stolen car 

And If (Italian sonnet) 

And if a nighttime stole away the light
A dark foreboding ambles down the street
The mornings dimmed for memories to write
A colorless tomorrow doomed to greet
And if the scent of sweetness went away
The plain mundane would gain the rule of spring
As thoughts would turn to just another day
Fair melodies no longer meant a thing
And if the sands of time would cover all
The winds would blow our dust into our face
Those things which were are harder to recall
And clouds of dreams drift far from our embrace
The sunset bids a greeting to the moon
As in my sight forever comes in view
And all and ifs will fall away too soon
At least I had this precious while with you

To go with this sonnet, I stumbled on this video: Jose Padilla "Adios Ayer" 

Let's see if this has a happy ending 

As of this post (4/27/2015) the #1 most wanted car thief is the 22 year old Laetitia Angelique. Roman Atwood's grandmother is vying for Laetitia's title. Or is she? It doesn't matter, as she is pulled over by  Millersport, Ohio's finest. It seems the car she was driving was stolen. Or was it?  Roman Atwood, for those who don't know, is one of YouTube's top pranksters. Whether or not he's behind this, it seems like he's going to get away with this whole thing "scot-free". 
Or is he? "Grandma Gets Arrested PRANK!!" 

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