Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Can There Be Rainbows to USAF Honor Guard 

Follow the thoughts of a hero at war 

Then learn a shocking secret of the USAF Honor Guard 

Can There Be Rainbows (Martin verse) 

Can there be rainbows if you are not there
The scent of flowers toying with the air
My sunlight promise warming heart with flare
These questions far from your side I must bear
Until there comes again some summer’s day
And we again enjoy our youthful play
In love we’ll find our shelter from dismay
I’m sorry that I had to go away
My country called and sent my running there
To aid and serve her what part could I play
My pride and honor washed away dismay
As war and leaving you I had to bear
What-ever passed to eat another day
Confusion was the flowers in the air
And home’s reminders where our hoped for flare
Your heart and mind are never far away
Now cold of lonely lookout I must bear
Above me sounds of dying men now flare
The scent of mass destruction steals the air
Can there be rainbows if you are not there

In keeping with the mood: The Doors "The End" 

Are you ready 

The "SEAL", in Navy SEAL, SEAL stands for Sea, Air and Land. But, we will not be talking about Navy SEALs, rather the Air Force Honor Guard. "I am a proud member of the United States Air Force Honor Guard. My standards of conduct and high level of professionalism place me above all others in my service. I have earned the right to wear the ceremonial uniform, one which is honored in a rich tradition and history. I am superbly conditioned to perfect all movements throughout every drill and ceremony. The level in which I perform will never be dictated by the type of ceremony, the severity of the temperature, nor the size of the crowd. I am constantly driven to excel by a strong sense of dedication that runs deeper than patriotism. While on ceremonies, I stand sharp and crisp, motionless by choice, for I have voluntarily chosen to represent every member past and present of the United States Air Force. I am a Ceremonial Guardsman." - The USAF Honor Guard creed. 
Keep the creed in mind as you watch this actual training video, which according to the Huffington Post is again going viral. "USAF Honor Guard - Rubber Chicken Bearing Test" 
(It is not my intention to put down anyone who serves this country) 

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