Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dark Clouds Try to President Obama's Anger Translator 

Life's dark clouds have no power over this lover - Find out why 

Find out President Obama's secret for keeping his anger in check 

Dark Clouds Try (English sonnet) 

Dark clouds which tries my day into a night
A scent of music toys with your dismay
A rainbow bridge casts Joy on your display
The tears you rain are springs of sheer delight
Your plume of gloom which steals the sun away
Cannot touch or mar this vision bright
Whose plume could groom the heavens to incite
And turn the night you bring back into day
Storm storm your anger in a passing rage
Blow blow of moments lost down empty streets
Weep weep with feeling stirred in senseless guise
Yet pointless is the battle which you wage
As in your shadow dream filled meaning beats
For I am dancing in my lover’s eyes

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Elmara "Sky In Your Eyes" 

Now the President 

Did you know no President has been an only child? Even President Obama has a total of nine half-siblings from his mother’s two marriages, his father’s four, and another two from his former stepfather, Lolo. He is the third eldest of the ten. If that wasn't confusing enough, ever wonder how President Obama keeps his anger under control, at least in the public eye? At the recent 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner an anger translator, in the person of Comedy Central's Keegan-Michael Key, was brought in to give us some insight into the president's secret. 
It seems Key unlocked a side of President Obama few have seen. "CLIP: President Obama's Anger Translator (C-SPAN)" 

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