Friday, April 3, 2015

Footsteps On The Stairs to Artoo In Love 

 A lover deals with a sadness echoing from a sound on the stairs 

While in a galaxy far far away we follow a love affair of a different kind 

Footsteps On The Stairs (Martin verse) 

The footsteps on the stairs was all he heard
When kisses of that evening had occurred
And in his heart were dreams and wishes spurred
As all his life was captured in a word
The love they shared was endless as the sky
A fantasy which nothing could deny
The richness of life’s beauty blossomed by
The music which would scent each passing sigh
Within their season only sweetness heard
A single smile left nothing to deny
Theirs was a story love was fashioned by
Upon a ledge with this one single word
But clouds appeared to color tranquil sky
It seemed to him a drift in life occurred
Who knows the incidence of changes spurred
And brings a tear of pain to lover’s sigh
She left that night with just that single word
And in it all his silence would be spurred
Not sure exactly when goodbye occurred
The footsteps on the stairs was all he heard

This video isn't exactly what is happening in this verse, but the feeling... : Lukas Termena 

Once upon a time 

At one point "Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" was going to be called “Revenge of the Jedi” and there were actually trailers and posters produced with the original title. Most people don't know that during the filming of this episode R2-D2 was in a love affair. While George Lucas was off filming Star Wars, YouTuber Evan Atherton was busy capturing the whole love affair. Most people don't know that R2-D2 lived in San Francisco near Evan. That is how he lucked into this historic episode not know by most. 
Most people don't know because it didn't realy happen, but it makes a great video. "Artoo In Love" 

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