Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Heard Them Calling to Just For Laughs Hunt Pranks 

Tankas of love 

Lead us to land laden with laughter 

I Heard Them Calling (tanka) 

I heard them calling
Amid kisses of a dream
Of a star-swept night
Lost forevers in your arms
Memories waiting to be

Something In The Wind (tanka) 

Something in the wind
Brushing across the flowers
How timeless a scene
Now rushing to this moment
The memory of a kiss

Behind The Magic (tanka) 

Behind the magic
The luster and the wonder
Which brought so much Joy
Was all the work and the tears
Behind the glorious show

Now, let's add a touch of something different: Sophie Zelmani "Charlotte By The Shore" 

A splash of something different 

A male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth up to 7 miles away. I once met a girl who was a real knock-out. Her perfume could be smelled up to 7 miles away. Speaking of hunting (?), here's the Canadian laugh factory, Just For Laughs, with their compilation of hunting pranks. But, it isn't animals they are really hunting for. It is smile and laughs. Things they have gotten fat on since 1983. 
Will they be successful? "Best Hunt Pranks - Best of Just For Laughs Gags" 
(Note: No animal was hurt, except for laughing too hard, in the make of these pranks) 

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