Saturday, April 4, 2015

Path Less Trodden to One Guy's Guide To Doing Laundry 

There is a fabled path to fulfillment 

One far away from a guy doing his laundry 

Path Less Trodden (Italian sonnet) 

Upon the path less trodden often heard
Amazement which sets reasoning astray
What once was taught unreal is free to play
And hopes which were forgotten are re-stirred
A stream of dreams flows wonders to the sky
The flowers shower music to the mind
Its start the hearts of lovers has designed
A chance to dance with flings which one may try
So what would be the meaning of a tear
To sit amidst a season filled with want
What shadow lurks this all abound to haunt
What echo left unsung is now so near
Upon this path less trodden so alone
So many stars to fill the what might be
Each one a wish away from hidden fee
That one may have to travel on their own

I thought this would go well with this sonnet: Kansas "Dust in the Wind" 

Then there's 

Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different. If my date told me that, should I be worried? Should I be worried if I took this guy's advice, as good as his intentions may be, about doing the laundry? After all, this is Zack Evans, of Buzzfeed, and we all know how "guys" can be. Buzzfeed is a New York based internet production company. Zach is one of the actors and creative minds behind the the company. But what exactly, if anything, does this "guy" know about doing the laundry? 
Watch this video and find out. "One Guy's Guide To Doing Laundry"

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